Live Streaming

What you will need:

  • laptop
  • internet connection(wired works best)
  • webcam

You can also just use your phone. Just install the ustream app after you've made an account and log in.

How to live stream an event:

  • go and sign up for an account
  • log in to your account
  • find your name in the top corner beside the go live button / use the drop down menu to select dashboard
  • select channels from the side menu
  • click on create new channel
  • put in the information to describe your channel
  • click on go live in the top right corner
  • now all you have to do is click on start broadcast and youre streaming

How to share the live stream:

    On the left side of the webpage that shows the camera and start broadcast there will be options to share your broadcast

This is not necessary to make it work but I did something extra when I streamed the Niagara Open. I streamed it from the Niagara Powerlifting website. Its not very hard to do but you will need to know how to make a website. If you already know how to make a website. All you have to do is go to your ustream channel settings and click on the channel that you previously made and go down to embed and the option will come up to create an embed. From there its just a matter of copying the code and pasting it in the right place on your website. At this point anytime you click go live the video will be displayed on your website.

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